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Author <span style="color:#172937;">| </span>Joaquin Trapero

Author | Joaquin Trapero

Joaquin Trapero, with two decades of expertise in the removal industry, is the owner of North Removals, bringing unparalleled knowledge and proficiency to every relocation.

The Ultimate Guide to Understanding and Budgeting Your Move

Are you about to embark on a move to or within Melbourne? Or perhaps you have a planned interstate move from Melbourne to another part of Australia? If so, you’re in the right place.

Here’s your ultimate guide on removalist costs in Melbourne right here at North Removals — your one-stop resource for mastering the art of a smooth and budget-friendly relocation in one of Australia’s most vibrant cities. As your seasoned personal removalist guide and moving expert, North Removals is here to share invaluable insights to ensure your Melbourne move is both cost-effective and stress-free.

Moving can be an exhilarating experience, a fresh start, a new chapter in your life. Yet, the prospect of facing unknown removal company costs and other moving expenses can quickly turn that excitement into anxiety.

Of course, we understand that the dynamic Melbourne lifestyle and the city's diverse neighbourhoods make it a popular destination for people seeking new horizons. However, the concerns surrounding the price of your planned move and staying within your budget are universal. That’s where North Removals comes in.

Our goal is to provide you with a fundamental understanding of average removal costs to help you navigate the intricacies of the process and make better choices, so you stay within budget.

Whether you’re relocating within the city or moving from interstate, knowledge is your greatest asset. Having a clear grasp of what to expect in terms of removalist costs in Melbourne and related expenses will not only save you money but also alleviate the stress that often accompanies moving.

How Much Does It Cost to Move Home in Melbourne?

The cost of moving house in Australia can vary significantly depending on various factors. On average, you can expect to pay anywhere from $600 to $3,000 for a local move (within the same city or nearby suburb), while an interstate move can range from $3,000 to $10,000 or more.

For a 3-bedroom home move within the city, expect to shell out around $245 per hour with the help of four movers, or about $1,470 to $1,960 for the entire move.

With 3-bedroom dwellings with a 414 square metre block size being the average household size in Australia according to Architecture & Design, it’s not uncommon to use them as a basis in estimating removalist costs in Melbourne and other cities, or answering questions like: How much does it cost to move a house? How much do removalists cost in Melbourne?

To get an accurate estimate for your specific move, it’s advisable to request quotes from multiple moving companies. They will take into account other factors and any additional services (like cleaning, rubbish removal, temporary accommodation, pet transport and storage) you have in mind, and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs.

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How to Prepare for Moving House

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Navigate the specifics of your upcoming move with clarity as we break down the details of our removal costs in Melbourne, ensuring you understand every aspect of your investment.

At North Removals, we safeguard your cherished belongings at every stage of your relocation journey.

How Melbourne’s Removalist Landscape Affects Costs

The presence of several moving companies in the city inevitably affects moving costs in Melbourne due to competition. With a higher number of moving companies, there’s typically more competition in the market. This increased competition can potentially lead to lower prices as companies strive to offer competitive rates to attract customers.

Average removal costs within Melbourne start from above $300 whether you plan to DIY your move and get help from a removalist. For a 3-bedroom move across town, expect to pay at least $660 with professional removalist assistance.

Of course, removalist costs in Melbourne may be subject to price variations as some companies offer premium services at higher rates, while others provide budget-friendly options. This means that consumers have a variety of choices to suit their specific needs and budgets.

When searching for your moving partner in Melbourne, always consider:

  • Discounts and special offers
  • Service availability
  • Experience with local or interstate moves
  • Service quality and reputation

In summary, the presence of 189 moving companies in Melbourne is likely to have a favourable impact on moving costs for consumers. Increased competition often leads to more competitive pricing and better overall service quality. However, it's crucial to research and compare the available options to find the best value for your specific moving needs and preferences.


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How Are the Costs of Removal Companies Calculated?

When you partner with a removalist like North Removals, you expect professionalism, efficiency and the safe transport of your belongings. Naturally, you’ll then need to consider the cost of removal company hiring.

However, it’s crucial to remember that the costs of removal companies are typically calculated based on various factors, including:

  • Volume of Your Belongings: The more items you have to move, the higher the cost.
  • Special Items: The cost may increase if you have large or delicate items that require special handling, such as pianos, antiques, or artwork.
  • Travel Distance: The distance between your old and new address is a major cost determinant. Local moves are generally less expensive than long-distance or interstate moves due to increased fuel and labour costs associated with longer distances.
  • Ease of Access: If your properties have limited access, such as narrow doorways or flights of stairs, it may require more effort and time to move your belongings, potentially increasing costs.
  • Seasonal Factors: Moving costs can fluctuate depending on the time of year. Peak moving seasons, typically during the summer months, may be more expensive due to higher demand.
  • Additional Services: If you require additional services like cleaning, packing, unpacking, disassembly and reassembly of furniture, pet transportation or storage, these will add to your moving costs.
  • Insurance and Protection: It’s essential to factor in the cost of insurance or protection for your belongings during the move.
  • Local vs. Interstate Moves: The cost structure for local moves and interstate relocation can differ significantly, with the latter typically being more expensive due to greater distances involved.
  • Permits and Regulations: Depending on your location and the nature of your move, there may be additional costs associated with permits or complying with local regulations.
  • Fuel Prices: The current cost of fuel can directly impact removalist costs based on the distance your belongings need to travel during your move. If fuel prices are high, the transportation portion of your moving costs will increase, especially for long-distance or interstate moves.
Removalist Cost Calculation

Wondering how much your move would cost?

To get an accurate estimate for your specific move, it's advisable to request quotes from several removal companies. They will take into account these factors and provide you with a detailed breakdown of the costs. Planning, organisation, and clear communication with the removal company are key to ensuring that your move stays within budget.

Average Removalist Cost by Number of Bedrooms

How much do movers cost for a 1-bedroom apartment? How much will it cost to move a 2-bedroom apartment? What’s the average cost of removals for a 2- or 3-bedroom house? How about the cost of removals for a 4-bedroom house?

These are natural concerns for anyone looking to move within the city or interstate.

It’s important to remember that cost calculations depend on the removalist. Some companies calculate moving costs based on the household size or the number of bedrooms in the old address.

For local moves within Melbourne, the average removal costs would be more or less similar to the following:

When moving within Melbourne, the average moving cost for a 1-bedroom dwelling starts at $380 (excluding the GST).

A move from one suburb in Melbourne to another suburb in the city for a 2-bedroom home can cost anywhere from $500 (excluding the GST).

The removal costs of a 3-bedroom house in Melbourne to another location within the city typically starts from around $800 (excluding the GST).

The average cost to move a 4-bedroom house in Melbourne to another location in the city can cost around $1,200 and above (excluding the GST).

The cost of moving the contents of a 5-bedroom property in Melbourne to another place in the city can cost from $1,500 or more (excluding the GST)

Removal Company Costs Per Hour

Removalists typically charge by the hour for several reasons, namely:

  • Hourly Rates Reflect Labour Costs: Charging by the hour allows removalists to account for their labour costs accurately. The more time a move takes, the more labour is involved, and hourly rates ensure that customers pay for the actual time spent on their move.
  • Flexibility: Hourly rates offer flexibility to customers. They pay for the time spent, and it’s particularly suitable for local moves or smaller jobs where the complexity or volume of items can vary.
  • Transparency: Hourly rates provide transparency to customers as they can clearly see how much time the move is taking and understand what they are being charged for.
  • Efficiency Incentive: Charging by the hour can incentivise both customers and removalists to work efficiently. Customers are motivated to have everything ready for the move, and removalists have an incentive to complete the job as quickly as possible.
  • Complexity Variation: Every move is unique, and the time required can vary greatly based on factors like the size of the home, the number of items, the distance between properties, and any obstacles during the move. Charging by the hour accounts for this variability.
Removalists Hourly Rates and Costs

Want to know how much your move would cost?

An inventory list is often needed to calculate an estimate of the hours required to complete a job and to ensure removalists are able to provide:

  • Accurate quotes
  • Plan efficiently
  • Risk assessment
  • Clear customer expectations

In Melbourne, the average cost per hour involving two professional movers assisting with one truck during the week is around $150. For three professional movers and one truck, the rate is around $200 per hour during weekdays.

Weekend Removalist Rates Per Hour in Melbourne

The weekend removalist rates per hour in Melbourne can vary depending on several factors, including the specific removalist company, the services you require, the size of the move, and the time of year.

  • Two movers and a truck: Approximately $180 per hour
  • Three movers and a truck: Approximately $220 per hour

During peak moving seasons (usually in the summer), rates may be on the higher end of the scale due to increased demand for moving services. It’s advisable to book a removalist well in advance to secure a time slot and potentially avoid peak season rates.

However, with North Removals, weekday and weekend rates are the same, so lock in the best price for your move by getting in touch with us today!

Additional Costs for Oversized and Bulky Items

During a move, the safe and efficient handling of heavy or bulky items can pose challenges.

In many cases, extra manpower or specialised equipment, such as a crane, may be necessary to facilitate the safe relocation of these items. This need for additional resources can impact the overall cost of the move.

Heavy or bulky items, such as pianos, large appliances, pool tables, spas, or exceptionally heavy furniture, may require more people to move safely. The added labour needed to lift, carry, and load these items can extend the duration of the move, leading to increased hourly labour costs.

In situations where items are exceptionally heavy, oversized, or challenging to manoeuvre, removalists may need to rent or use specialised equipment. This can include hydraulic lifts, dollies, or even cranes. The cost of renting or operating such equipment will be factored into the overall moving cost.

Extra manpower and specialised equipment help mitigate the risk of injuries or damage to the items, the property, or the individuals involved. The cost associated with these safety measures is a worthwhile investment to prevent accidents and protect your valuable possessions.

Heavy or bulky items can significantly increase the complexity of the move, as they often require careful planning, disassembly, and reassembly. Removalists may need to allocate more time and resources to ensure the successful transport of these items.

Reputable removalist like North Removals provide transparent pricing for additional manpower or equipment. We will assess the scope of the move, including the weight and dimensions of heavy items, and provide you with a clear estimate for any extra labour or equipment required.

Interstate and Interregional Moving Costs in Melbourne

Whether you’re moving from Melbourne to Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide or Perth, interstate moving costs are sure to vary.

Besides the destination or distance between your old and new address, interstate moving prices are also heavily impacted by the number of bedrooms.

Check out our rough estimates below which encompass the loading, transport and unloading of your possessions.

Please note that these estimates are very general ranges and can vary based on factors like specific services, packing requirements, and the moving company you choose.

Unexpected Moving Costs to Be Aware Of

When planning a move, you need to budget carefully to avoid unexpected costs that can add up quickly, especially if you find out later about hidden removalist costs.

Potentially Hidden Removalist Costs

When hiring a removalist company for your move, be on the lookout for potential hidden costs that can impact your budget, such as:

  • Waiting Time: If the movers arrive at the agreed-upon time, but you’re not ready to begin loading, they might charge waiting time, so be prepared and ready when they arrive.
  • Excess Weight or Volume Charges: If your belongings exceed the estimated weight or volume, you may face additional charges, so provide accurate information during the initial assessment.
  • Depot to Depot Charges: These fees are associated with the transportation of your belongings between the removalist company’s depot or warehouse and your pick-up or delivery locations. These charges typically apply when the company's depot is located some distance away from your home.
  • Cancellation or Callout Fees: Be aware of the company's cancellation policy. Cancelling or rescheduling a move on short notice may result in fees.

To avoid hidden removalist costs, it’s crucial to thoroughly review your contract, obtain a detailed written quote, and communicate clearly with the moving company.

Ask questions and request clarification on any potential extra charges. By being well-informed and proactive, you can avoid dodgy removalists and minimise the risk of unexpected costs during your move.

Unexpected General Moving Costs

Besides some possible hidden charges, here are some unexpected moving costs to be aware of:

  • Packing Supplies: While it’s common to budget for moving boxes, tape, and bubble wrap, you might underestimate the quantity needed or forget about other packing materials, like specialty boxes, packing paper, or mattress covers.
  • Professional Packing Services: If you decide to hire professional packers, the cost can be a surprise. They can efficiently pack your belongings, but it comes at an additional cost.
  • Storage Costs: If there’s a gap between your move-out and move-in dates, you might need to store your belongings. Storage fees can add up, and it’s essential to calculate and include this in your budget.
  • Disconnection and Reconnection Fees: Don't forget to account for disconnecting and reconnecting utilities like electricity, gas, water, and internet services as there may be fees associated with these services.
  • Pet and Child Care: Keeping your children or pets safe and out of the way during the move might require hiring a babysitter or pet sitter.
  • Temporary Accommodation: If your move-in and move-out dates don’t align, you might need to stay in a hotel or temporary accommodation, incurring extra costs.
  • Elevator or Stair Fees: If you’re moving to or from a building with elevators or numerous flights of stairs, you may be charged extra by the building management or moving company.
  • Change-of-Address Fees: Changing your address with various organisations, including government agencies and financial institutions, can sometimes involve fees for processing and verification.
  • Replacements and Repairs: In some cases, items may be damaged during the move, and you might need to budget for repairs or replacements.
  • Meals and Incidentals: If your move involves long hours on the road, you might need to budget for meals and other incidentals during the journey.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, create a comprehensive moving budget that takes into account these potential unexpected costs. It’s also a good practice to request detailed quotes from moving companies and thoroughly read their terms and conditions to understand all potential charges.

Strategies to Lower Your Moving Expenses

Reducing moving expenses requires careful planning and smart decision-making. Here are some tips to help you save money on your move:

  • Plan your move well and early to find the best deals.
  • Declutter, and donate furniture, sell, or discard items you no longer have.
  • Ask for quotes from several reputable removalist companies and compare their rates and services.
  • Move during off-peak seasons or on weekdays to get lower rates.
  • Be flexible with your move-in and move-out dates to take advantage of potential cost savings.
  • Select a moving truck that matches your exact needs. If you have a suitable vehicle, consider moving smaller items yourself.
  • If you have a small load, consider sharing space in a moving truck with someone else.
  • Enlist the assistance of friends or family members for tasks like packing, loading and unloading to reduce the need for professional movers.
Strategies to Decrease Moving Costs

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