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North Removals Scholarship

Hey there, aiming high for your education? North Removals is offering a $3,000 annual scholarship to a deserving student.

Step 1

Dig into the eligibility criteria and instructions in the "How to Enter" section.

Step 2

Get your application in before the deadline. We'll go through all submissions.

Step 3

After careful review, we'll pick one lucky student to bag that $3,000 scholarship. Go ahead and give it your best shot!

$3,000 Scholarship Information


As a prominent Melbourne moving company, our commitment extends beyond relocation services. Our success hinges on our adaptability to societal changes, comprehensive understanding of residents' lifestyles, and agility in navigating the evolving trends within the moving industry that's why staying informed about these aspects is crucial.

Recognising the symbiotic benefits, we aim to establish a scholarship program addressing these facets, mutually benefiting our operations as movers while offering vital assistance to students with escalating living expenses and educational fees.

Informed by our own experiences, we empathise with the intricate balance students face—juggling academic pursuits, tuition costs, and sustaining their livelihood. Our firm belief in the pivotal role of today's students as architects of our society's future compels us. Thus, we've committed to supporting one commendable student annually with a $3,000 scholarship to alleviate some of these challenges and champion their academic aspirations.

Scholarship Application Guidelines

Dive into a 1,500-word essay sharing your thoughts and research on how technology impacts moving services. On top of that, whip up a 3-minute video, talking right to the camera about your views on the same topic. Get ready to bring your ideas to life!

Consider these pointers for your essay and video:

  • Dive into how AI, machine learning, and automation jazz up moving services' efficiency.
  • Explore how tech boosts customer experiences in the moving business.
  • Look into IoT gadgets and tracking systems safeguarding belongings in transit.
  • Research the surge of mobile apps and online platforms for booking moving help.
  • Study eco-friendly strides in tech, like electric vehicles and sustainable packing, curbing the environmental impact.
  • Check out cybersecurity risks linked to tech integration in moving services.
  • Investigate how tech shifts affect the workforce in moving companies.
  • Predict and discuss where tech might take the moving industry in the future.

Those ideas up there are more like friendly nudges than strict rules. Your topic choice? It's entirely up to you as long as it fits the subject criteria.

We're cheering for creative, out-of-the-box submissions from students like you. Showcasing your unique spin isn't just about standing out; it's about unleashing that innovative spark.

We're after submissions that dig deep into the moving industry, letting your creativity run wild. We want original, imaginative presentations with fresh takes on relocation hurdles or progress. Nail that prompt with clear, organised content and a presentation that pulls us right in—that's the recipe for catching our eye!

Requirements and Guidelines for Eligibility

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in a high school, college, or university.
  • Successful candidates must provide proof of their full-time student status.
  • North Removals holds the authority to reject incomplete or plagiarised applications.
  • Essays and videos should be submitted in English.
  • We retain the right to reuse and publish submitted content on our website and social media channels.
  • Violating our terms may lead to the withdrawal of your scholarship submission and award.

Deadline for Submissions and Information About the Award

  • We'll hand out our scholarship every July 31st.
  • Make sure to get your essay and video in by June 30th.
  • Send them over to
  • Winners will hear from us directly through email.
  • With the number of applications we get, we might not reach out to everyone who doesn't make it.

Contact North Removals

Do you have any questions regarding our North Removals scholarship? Reach out to resolve any queries you might have.

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