Why You Should Consider Professional Removalists for Your Garden Furniture

Moving Outdoor Furniture
Author <span style="color:#172937;">| </span>Joaquin Trapero

Author | Joaquin Trapero

Joaquin Trapero, with two decades of expertise in the removal industry, is the owner of North Removals, bringing unparalleled knowledge and proficiency to every relocation.

Garden furniture is more than just a functional addition to your outdoor space—it’s an extension of your home, providing comfort and style under the open sky. Whether you’ve invested in a plush lounge set or a charming dining ensemble, these pieces play a vital role in your enjoyment and the aesthetic appeal of your garden. But when the time comes to relocate, the prospect of moving bulky and delicate garden furniture can be daunting. That’s where professional removalists come in. 

In this blog, we’ll explore the numerous benefits of hiring expert movers to handle your garden furniture, ensuring it arrives at your new destination just as pristine as your former garden paradise. From the safety of your items to the peace of mind that comes with knowing everything is taken care of, discover why this professional touch might be just what you need for your next big move.

Benefits of Hiring Professional Removalists for Your Garden Furniture

Professional Handling and Equipment

When it comes to moving your cherished garden furniture, the expertise of professional removalists becomes invaluable, especially with their use of specialised tools and equipment designed for the job. One of the key resources in their arsenal is the furniture dolly, a platform on wheels that ensures large items can be moved with ease and stability. Alongside these, sturdy straps are employed to secure your furniture pieces firmly, minimising any movement that could lead to damage during transit.

Professionals also implement various techniques to protect your furniture from scratches, dents, and other forms of damage. Soft padding materials, such as moving blankets and foam wraps, are meticulously applied to shield every surface. Sharp edges are given extra attention, often wrapped multiple times to provide a cushioned barrier against knocks and bumps.

The choice of vehicle is another critical aspect of professional furniture removal. Removalists opt for trucks that are not only spacious enough to accommodate large pieces of furniture but are also outfitted with features like air-ride suspension to reduce the impact of rough roads. These vehicles are meticulously maintained and customised to ensure that your garden furniture is transported under the best conditions possible, arriving at its new home in the same pristine condition it left.

Entrusting your garden furniture to seasoned professionals equipped with the right tools and transport significantly reduces the risk of damage and ensures a seamless transition to your new setting. This expert approach saves you time and worry, allowing you to focus on the other aspects of your move.

Time and Energy Efficiency

Moving, particularly when it involves bulky and delicate items like garden furniture, can be incredibly time-consuming and physically demanding. Properly packing, lifting, and transporting outdoor furniture requires significant physical effort and considerable time for the average person. In contrast, professional removalists, with their expertise and experience, streamline this process remarkably.

Professionals are adept at efficiently preparing and moving garden furniture. They possess the knowledge to quickly assess the best packing methods and the most effective logistics for removal. Where an individual might spend hours figuring out how to disassemble a swing seat or properly protect glass surfaces, a trained team swiftly handles these tasks precisely. Their streamlined process means that garden furniture can be prepared, loaded, and on its way in a fraction of the time it would take someone inexperienced with such tasks.

Hiring professional removalists accelerates the moving process and liberates a significant amount of your time. This freed-up time is crucial during a move, typically laden with a long moving checklist of tasks such as setting up utilities, cleaning, and organising your new space. By delegating the physical and time-intensive job of moving garden furniture to the experts, you can focus on these other important aspects of relocating, ensuring a smoother transition to your new home.

This efficiency in handling and time management provided by professional movers is not just a convenience but a necessity for many who value their time and energy during the demanding move process.


Embarking on a DIY move, especially when it involves large and cumbersome items such as garden furniture, can initially seem like a cost-saving measure. However, the true expenses associated with such an endeavour often need to be considered. DIY movers typically face costs for renting moving trucks or trailers, purchasing packing materials like bubble wrap, cardboard boxes, and protective covers, and renting moving equipment such as dollies and furniture pads. Additionally, there’s the risk of incurring costs from damage to the furniture due to improper handling or packing—expenses that can quickly add up, potentially surpassing the cost of hiring professionals.

Professional removalists, on the other hand, present a compelling value-for-money proposition. Their services, though upfront, may seem higher in cost, including not just the physical transportation of items but also the provision of packing materials, specialised equipment, and the expertise of experienced movers. Their efficiency and speed in packing and moving reduce the risk of damage (thus saving on potential repair or replacement costs) and ensure that the move is completed faster than a typical DIY effort. This swift service minimises downtime, particularly important for those transitioning between homes or refurbishing outdoor spaces.

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Many removalist companies offer tailored packages that cater specifically to the needs of those moving garden furniture. These packages can include customised wrapping for delicate items, assembly and disassembly services, and temporary storage solutions if required. Such comprehensive services provide peace of mind and can be more economical when considered against a self-managed move’s cumulative costs and risks.

While DIY moving appears budget-friendly initially, the hidden costs and risks can make it far less economical than anticipated. Professional removalists, with their all-inclusive services, not only alleviate the physical and mental strain associated with moving but also prove to be a cost-effective choice in the long run, especially when safeguarding valuable garden furniture against potential damage.

Additional Services Offered

When relocating, whether just around the corner or across the country, the logistical challenges can vary. Professional removalists offer more than just item transportation; their range of additional services can significantly enhance the moving experience, making it smoother and more comprehensive.

For those considering a DIY move, the associated costs can quickly accumulate. The expenses can become substantial, from renting moving trucks and purchasing necessary packing supplies to the risk of damaging valuable items during transit. This must account for the time and effort required to manage the move effectively.

Professional removalists, however, bring value for money through a blend of efficiency, speed, and security. These services extend far beyond mere transportation. Many companies offer specialised packages that include removing garden furniture, which often requires delicate handling and specific packing strategies due to its bulkiness and sensitivity to the elements.

Beyond the basic move, additional services that removalists may provide include:

  • Storage Solutions: Many moving companies offer short-term or long-term storage options. This service is particularly beneficial for those needing to vacate their current home before the new one is ready or for seasonal items, like garden furniture during winter.
  • Full-Service Moves: This all-encompassing option includes packing, loading, moving, unloading, and even unpacking items, along with setting up the furniture at your new home. Regarding garden furniture, this can also involve reassembly and placement of pieces according to your new landscape design.
  • Custom Crating and Special Handling: For particularly fragile or high-value garden furniture, custom crating provides additional protection, ensuring that your items arrive pristine.

Integrating these services with traditional moving tasks offers a seamless solution that alleviates the burden from the homeowner’s shoulders. For instance, combining garden furniture removal with storage solutions can be incredibly effective for staged moves or downsizing. Similarly, opting for full-service moves allows homeowners to focus on other important aspects of their relocation, like family needs or professional commitments, without being bogged down by the details of the move.

The comprehensive approach offered by professional removalists simplifies the process and ensures that every aspect of your move, including your valuable garden furniture, is handled with care and professionalism. This integration of services saves time, reduces stress, and protects your investment by minimising the risk of damage during the move.

Choosing the Right Removalist

Selecting the right removalist is crucial to ensuring a smooth and successful relocation of your garden furniture and other belongings. The market has abundant options, each offering varying service levels and expertise. Here are key factors to help you choose the most suitable professional removalist.

Licensing and Accreditation

First and foremost, verify the licensing of any removalist company. A licensed removalist assures you of legal compliance and signals a commitment to adhering to industry standards. In Australia, check if they are registered with the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA), which sets the benchmark for professional removal services.

Reviews and Reputation

In today’s digital age, customer reviews are invaluable. Look for reviews on independent platforms or the company’s website to gauge previous clients’ satisfaction. Please pay attention to comments regarding their punctuality, professionalism, and how they handle furniture, particularly items similar to your garden furniture.


Experience in the removal industry indicates the ability to handle various challenges during a move. Companies with extensive experience are likely to have encountered and successfully navigated a broad range of logistical issues, ensuring they are well-prepared to manage your move efficiently.

The Importance of Detailed Quotes

Obtaining detailed quotes is an essential step in the selection process. A comprehensive quote should clearly outline all costs, including packing, transportation, insurance, and additional services like storage or special handling needs. This transparency helps prevent unexpected charges and allows you to budget accurately for your move.

Comparing Services

Once you have several detailed quotes, compare them not just on price but also on what is included. Cheaper isn’t always better, especially if it comes at the cost of essential services or insurance. Evaluate the value offered by each company—consider factors such as the inclusion of comprehensive insurance coverage, the provision of specialist garden furniture moving equipment, and the availability of flexible scheduling.

Choosing the right removalist involves a balance of thorough research and careful comparison. By focusing on these key aspects, you can ensure that the company you select will handle your garden furniture with the care and professionalism it deserves, making your move as stress-free as possible.


Choosing to hire professional removalists for your garden furniture is not just a matter of convenience; it’s a strategic decision that can enhance your move’s overall efficiency and safety. Throughout this blog, we’ve explored the numerous benefits of professional movers, from their specialised handling and advanced equipment to their ability to deliver time and cost efficiencies. Moreover, the additional services, such as tailored storage solutions and comprehensive moving packages, ensure your relocation is covered.

The importance of diligence when selecting a removalist cannot be overstated. By carefully evaluating potential movers based on their licensing, customer reviews, and experience and insisting on detailed, transparent quotes, you can make an informed choice that best suits your needs.

As you prepare for your move, remember that professionals’ value extends beyond mere logistics. They offer peace of mind, knowing that your valuable outdoor furnishings are in expert hands. So, as you plan your next move, consider the professional route not just for its practical benefits but also for the security and ease it guarantees. This will allow you to focus on settling into your new home and enjoying your garden space from day one.

Content Summary: 

  • Garden furniture enhances both the functionality and aesthetic of outdoor spaces.
  • Moving bulky and delicate garden furniture can be challenging when relocating.
  • Professional removalists play a crucial role in safely moving these items.
  • This blog explores the benefits of hiring expert movers for garden furniture.
  • Professionals use specialised tools like furniture dollies and straps for safe transit.
  • Techniques to protect furniture from damage include using soft padding materials.
  • Vehicles equipped with air-ride suspension are used to mitigate transit impacts.
  • Hiring professionals reduces the risk of damage and ensures a seamless move.
  • Professional movers save time and alleviate stress during the moving process.
  • The efficiency of professionals greatly surpasses that of DIY moving efforts.
  • DIY moving involves hidden costs such as rentals and packing materials.
  • The potential damage during DIY moves can incur unexpected expenses.
  • Professional removalists provide cost-effective services by reducing damage risks.
  • They offer packages tailored for garden furniture, enhancing the value provided.
  • Removalists also offer additional services to simplify the moving process.
  • Services include storage solutions and full-service moves for comprehensive coverage.
  • Specialised packing for delicate items ensures their protection during the move.
  • Integrating these services can help manage relocation more effectively.
  • Choosing the right removalist is essential for a successful move.
  • Factors to consider include licensing, reviews, and the removalist’s experience.
  • It’s important to check if they are registered with relevant authorities like AFRA.
  • Customer reviews provide insights into the removalist’s reliability and professionalism.
  • Experienced movers are likely to handle unexpected challenges more efficiently.
  • Getting detailed quotes helps in budgeting and avoiding hidden costs.
  • Comparing services and costs among different providers is crucial.
  • Ensure that the quotes include comprehensive insurance and all necessary services.
  • The right removalist will handle your furniture with professionalism and care.
  • The importance of garden furniture in outdoor spaces cannot be understated.
  • Moving such furniture requires careful planning and execution.
  • The benefits of hiring professionals outweigh the costs and efforts of a DIY move.
  • With professional help, garden furniture can be moved without any damage.
  • Professionals provide detailed planning and the right tools.
  • The comprehensive approach of professionals ensures every aspect of the move is covered.
  • Selecting a competent removalist involves evaluating various critical factors.
  • Ultimately, the right removalist ensures a stress-free move and the safe arrival of your furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I look for when choosing a professional removalist for garden furniture?

When selecting a professional removalist for garden furniture, ensure they are licensed and accredited, preferably with a membership in a recognised association like the Australian Furniture Removers Association (AFRA). It’s also important to check customer reviews for feedback on punctuality, care in furniture handling, and overall professionalism. Experience in the industry and the specific services they offer, such as custom crating and handling delicate items, should also be considered.

How do professional removalists protect garden furniture during a move?

Professional removalists use a variety of materials and techniques to protect garden furniture during transit. This includes using furniture dollies and straps to transport items securely, applying soft padding materials like moving blankets and foam wraps to prevent scratches and dents, and employing trucks with air-ride suspension to reduce the impact of rough roads.

Is it cost-effective to hire professional removalists to move garden furniture?

While the initial cost of hiring professional removalists might seem high, it is generally more cost-effective in the long run. Professionals reduce the risk of costly damages through expert handling and appropriate insurance coverage, saving you money on renting equipment and buying packing materials. Their efficiency also minimises downtime, which is crucial if you are moving between homes or renovating outdoor spaces.

Can professional removalists store garden furniture if my new home isn’t ready?

Yes, many removalist companies offer storage solutions as part of their services. This can be especially useful if there is a gap between leaving your old home and moving into your new one. They can provide short-term and long-term storage options to accommodate the specific needs of your garden furniture during transitional periods.

What additional services do removalists offer that can benefit the relocation of garden furniture?

Beyond basic moving services, removalists can provide full-service moves that include packing, loading, transporting, unloading, and unpacking items. For garden furniture, this might also include disassembly and reassembly. Custom crating for particularly fragile or valuable items and special handling procedures are also available to ensure that your garden furniture is moved with the utmost care and precision.

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