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Our heartfelt guide to supporting local charities and communities with your furniture donation is an invitation to transform your gently used pieces into beacons of hope and comfort for individuals and families throughout Melbourne.

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Where to Donate Furniture in Melbourne?

Delve into our thorough guide that meticulously curates the finest destinations for your furniture donations in Melbourne. Beyond a simple directory, we enrich your understanding with practical advice and thoughtful considerations. Additionally, we navigate you through the options of charities that provide complimentary pick-up services for your furniture donations.

Donate Furniture to Charity Pick Up

Table of Contents

Explore the roadmap of our guide through the table of contents to effortlessly navigate your journey of furniture donation in Melbourne.

List of Charities

The Salvation Army


Brotherhood of St Laurence

West Welcome Wagon

St Kilda Mums

Furniture Donation Considerations

Tips on Donating Near You

Benefits of Donating

Whether you're tackling a house removal in Melbourne or simply aiming to clear out unwanted furniture in your home, you're presented with an excellent opportunity to declutter — either to facilitate your move or to create more space in your beloved home. Donating your furniture not only liberates valuable space but also trims down moving costs — less to transport means fewer expenses. This guide will help you identify reputable charities in Melbourne where your furniture donations can make a big difference.

The act of donating furniture has benefits that surpass mere convenience for the donor. It bolsters local communities and encourages a sustainable cycle of reuse, ensuring that useful items are spared from the landfill. Additionally, such donations may qualify for tax deductions, providing a financial upside to your generous act.

As you check off items from your moving house to-do list, consider how the furniture you decide to give away can profoundly affect others' lives. Our guide offers a clear path to donating furniture in Melbourne, underscoring the extensive positive impact of your contributions. As you move forward into a new chapter, your donated furniture embarks on a journey of its own, offering comfort and functionality in another resident’s home.

Top 5 Charities to Donate Furniture in Melbourne

Discover the leading five charities in Melbourne where your furniture donation can make a significant impact.

Salvation Army Furniture Pickup

The Salvation Army

The Salvation Army, also known as Salvos Stores, is an international Christian movement that provides hope to those in need. They gladly accept various donations, including furniture, and have multiple locations across Melbourne.

One of the few places where you get the cool chance to donate furniture in Melbourne. They're happy to take your furniture if it's still in good shape, and all the money goes to help out folks in need through The Salvation Army's programs across the country.

Feel free to bring in your furniture as long as it's in good shape. Just a heads up, only some stores can take bigger stuff like your furniture. You can swing by during the usual store hours to donate, but it's smart to peek at the local listings since some places might not have space for larger items, and some only take donations on specific days, so make sure to check on your local store on that as well.

You can drop off smaller goodies like clothes, shoes, accessories, household items, toys, books, CDs, DVDs, and vinyl at any of their stores. Check out their donation guide for the lowdown on what they can't take due to rules and safety.

If you’re looking for furniture donation pick up in Melbourne, they're also up for grabbing your donations from your place for free, but plan and call their Customer Care team at 13 SALVOS (13 72 58) to book a home collection about 3-4 weeks ahead.

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GIVIT - Charity That Accepts Furniture Donations in Melbourne


GIVIT is an innovative organisation that offers an online platform for reputable charities to list specific items needed for their clients. This allows donors to browse the listings and offer to donate the required items.

Looking for furniture donations in Melbourne? Try GIVIT. All the requests you see are from organisations that GIVIT has double-checked and verified as legit helpers for people in need. If you toss up your donation offer, you'll be doing a solid for those in need in Australia. The cool organisations hooked up with GIVIT can spot your offer.

Your donation offer will be for support organisations helping folks all over Australia to see. If there's a match between what you're offering and what someone needs, they'll shoot you a message.

So if you want to donate furniture in Melbourne, you can visit their website. They'll throw a form your way, asking about the item details and how you want to get it to them. You've got options – drop it off, send it nationwide through post/courier, let the organisation swing by to pick it up, or if you're feeling fancy, grab a voucher and shoot it over via email.

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Brotherhood of St Laurence - Donating Furniture to Charity

Brotherhood of St Laurence

Established during the Great Depression, the Brotherhood of St Laurence is a well-respected Melbourne-based organisation dedicated to preventing and alleviating poverty by assisting the disadvantaged. They welcome donations such as furniture, homewares, electrical items, whitegoods, books, and clothing.

Their stores run on the goodness of folks like you donating furniture, clothes and household stuff to keep their op shops filled with awesome stuff. The cash they make from selling these goodies goes into supporting programs that make a real difference in the lives of Aussies facing tough times.

They're down for it during their trading hours if you're considering dropping off your furniture donations in Melbourne.

Find their spots here

Now, there are a few things they can't take, either because of rules or not much demand. They're looking for second-hand furniture in good enough shape to sell: clean, in good condition, not broken, and something you'd happily share with a friend.
On the flip side, if your stuff is stained, torn, or needs fixing they won't be able to take it. You can check their website for more details.

If you're unsure if your stuff fits the bill, give a shout to their customer service at 1300 DONATE (1300 366 283), or drop them an email at They're stoked to help you out.

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West Welcome Wagon - Donate Old Furniture in Melbourne

West Welcome Wagon

West Welcome Wagon is a not-for-profit organization based in West Melbourne that supports asylum seekers. They accept large household items such as whitegoods, beds, dining tables, and drawers, as well as smaller household items and clothing.

West Welcome Wagon is all about hooking up households in need with the essentials. Since what they hand out might be the only things some folks have for a bit, they're all about furniture donations in Melbourne in top-notch condition – no tears, stains, chips, or broken bits.

Check out their Donation Guidelines and email them at with the scoop on your needs. Oh, and heads up: drop them an email before you roll up to their warehouse.

Quick thing, though – they're only operating the western municipalities of Melbourne. So, if you're outside that turf and can't swing by, it might be tricky for them to grab your donation.

Now, if you've got larger items like fridges, washing machines, couches, beds, etc., they could line up a pickup, especially if you're in the right municipalities. Just keep in mind they're working with volunteers for these unwanted furniture pickups, so it might take 1-4 weeks. If you've got a specific pickup date in mind, hit them up via email with the deets of your donation.

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St Kilda Mums - Give Away Unwanted Furniture to Charity

St Kilda Mums

St Kilda Mums is a charity that accepts preowned baby/children's and maternity items. This grassroots collective collaborates with local service agencies like Maternal Health Nurses.

If you're considering donating furniture in Melbourne, St Kilda Mums is where it's at! They're all about finding new homes for important stuff, making sure kids kick off life on the right foot. Donating to them means more than tidying up your place; you're making a real difference for children, giving them a boost in life that goes way beyond your donation.

Now, if you're itching to donate, they've got a few ways to make it happen:

Swing by the warehouse: They're buzzing with donation bookings, so it's best to plan. Schedule a drop-off at their Clayton warehouse - just book in advance.

Post/Courier: Unfortunately, St Kilda Mums is not your go-to if you want to donate furniture with free pickup. They can sort out a post/courier pickup for a fee. Just email them your donation list, and they'll send you the link to pay and book a courier.

Hit up local drop-off points: There are volunteers scattered around Melbourne with drop-off spots at their homes or businesses. Shoot them an email with your donation list and where you're at, and they'll connect you with the nearest volunteer.

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Remember, your unwanted goods can make a huge difference in someone else's life. So next time you're considering getting rid of your old furniture, think about donating it instead. Not only will you be helping someone in need, but you'll also be doing your part to reduce landfill waste.

Considerations When Donating Furniture

Before donating your furniture, here are some suggestions on what to consider and how to prepare them:

Furniture Donation Considerations - How to Prepare Furniture

Cleaning: Before you donate your furniture, take the time to give it a good clean. This involves wiping down surfaces, vacuuming upholstery, and polishing any wooden elements to restore their shine. Clean furniture is not only more attractive to charities and their beneficiaries but also honors the new user. Remember, it's not just about getting rid of an item; it's about passing it on in a condition that reflects its value and your respect for the recipient.

Small Repairs: Attend to the little scuffs and loose screws that can be swiftly rectified with a basic toolkit. Stitching up minor tears in fabric or tightening the bolts can make a significant difference. By investing a bit of time and elbow grease into making these small repairs, you increase the longevity of the furniture and ensure it's ready for immediate use by the next person who needs it.

Check for Operational Status: It's essential to ensure that every feature of the furniture is functional. For items like a recliner chair, verify that the reclining mechanism operates without hitches and is safe to use. Test drawers in cabinets to see if they slide smoothly, check table stability, and ensure that lamps come with working switches. When every part is in working order, the furniture can serve its purpose from the moment it's received, with no extra work or disappointment for the new owner.

Are you moving soon and need someone to deliver furniture to your chosen charity? Get in touch with us now.

Where to Donate Furniture Near You?

Finding a donation store or charity near your suburb is easier than you might think! Here are some steps to follow:

Need help finding a place near you that accepts furniture donations? North Removals can not only provide you with this information, but we can also deliver the unwanted furniture to your charity of choice along with your relocation to the new home.

Benefits of Donating Furniture

Donating furniture does more than just clear space in your home; it offers a multitude of benefits that ripple through your community and beyond.

Environmental Sustainability

Support for the Underprivileged

Tax Benefits


Economic Efficiency

Community Building

Personal Satisfaction

Encouraging Others

Resourceful Use of Items

Education and Awareness

Donating furniture is an action that reverberates with positive consequences, touching upon aspects of environmental sustainability, social responsibility, personal finance, and psychological well-being.

Firstly, by opting to donate rather than discard, you take a stand for the environment. Each item of furniture saved from the landfill is a victory for waste reduction and promotes the important principle of reuse. This eco-friendly choice aids in curbing the ever-growing waste problem and fosters a culture of sustainability.

On the social front, your donations can be pivotal for those in need. Furniture that may seem extraneous to you can vastly improve the quality of life for underprivileged individuals and families, providing them with comfort and a more dignified living environment. Moreover, many charitable organizations either use these donations directly to furnish their facilities or sell them at affordable prices to fund their community programs, thus creating a stronger, more supportive community fabric.

There's also a personal gain intertwined with the altruistic aspect of donating furniture. Many countries incentivize such actions through tax deductions, allowing you to benefit financially from your charitable contributions. On a more intimate level, clearing out clutter has been linked to reduced stress and a more harmonious home environment, making space for new energy and design possibilities.

Additionally, as you lighten your load for a potential move, you find economic efficiency in your actions. Less furniture to transport equates to lower removal costs, simplifying and streamlining the moving process. This practical benefit is matched by the personal satisfaction one experiences through the act of giving. Contributing to the welfare of others and the health of the planet can foster a sense of purpose and joy, further encouraging a cycle of generosity.

Finally, the process of donating furniture brings about a broader awareness of the needs within your community and the environment. It can serve as a learning experience, demonstrating the value of philanthropy and environmental stewardship to all involved. Through your actions, you become part of a larger story of sustainable living and community support, setting an example for others to follow.